ABM “BEST Future” Trilogy—Future Consumption, Decoding New Trends in Cross-border E-commerce


Recently, ABM, the first new Sino-Australian distribution system management platform, launched the ABM “BEST Future” Trilogy. The two-day “Future Consumption Conference” was held in Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel in Haining. Nearly 1200 guests and distributors explored the future trends of consumption at the conference. ABM decoded the future trends of e-Commerce development. By doing so, ABM sought to provide Chinese people with deep insights into market trends and help newly-emerging global brands enter the Chinese market. In this way, ABM will offer individual entrepreneurs with new opportunities and create an era for cross-border sales through concerted efforts. Mr. Frank HE, founder and ABM group president, Mr. Will WU, co-founder of ABM, representatives of six cooperative brands attended the conference. Famous actress Zhu Yin also shared skincare secretes on the site.

2018 ABM “BEST Future” Trilogy: Future Consumption Conference

Embrace the era for “solo-preneurship” and greater return on investment

The 2018 ABM “BEST Future” Trilogy has three separate themes—Future Consumption, Future Entrepreneurship and Coming of the Future. The Future Consumption Conference focused on sharing ABM’s philosophy and innovative distribution model to help Chinese people get a better sense of the development of cross-border e-Commerce in the future. As Mr. Frank HE, founder and group president of ABM observed, over the past ten years, China had experienced a series of change in its retail industry. The change frequency is as short as one year or even half a year due to the advancement of the Internet and changes in payment methods. E-Commerce has evolved into a platform for “solo-preneurs”. In today’s ever-changing world of digitalization, globalization and channel segmentation of retail, return on investment is valued more than ever before. For consumers, they need the most accurate information to make an informed purchasing. For brands, they need to focus on upgrading their products to meet the market demands. These two parties gave rise to the entrepreneurs who bridge the gap between market demands and supplies from brands. ABM’s new distribution model of “solo-preneurship” fits well with today’s high value on return on investment, helping individuals achieve entrepreneurial success and leading the whole market.

ABM’s founder and group president Frank HE defined the “future of consumption”

ABM’s founder and group president Frank HE explained the advantages of the platform

ABM builds a new benchmark for the industry based on Electronic Commerce Law

Electronic Commerce Law was approved by the The Fifth Session of the 13th NPC Standing Committee on August 31, 2018. Electronic Commerce Law, coming into force on January 1, 2019, aims to regulate the entire e-Commerce industry. Through this law, government will exercise stronger oversight over the domestic e-Commerce market, especially individual Daigous and traditional cross-border e-Commerce, including WeChat e-Commerce and live streamers who sell on live-broadcasting platforms.

Following the issuance of the Electronic Commerce Law, ABM standardizes individual Daigous and WeChat environment to build a new benchmark for cross-border distribution system management platforms. As a formal cross-border e-Commerce platform with brand licence, ABM has no intellectual property or trademark ownership problems. It will be the best choice for individual Daigous to turn to big platforms in the current e-Commerce market.

ABM’s co-founder Will WU made a speech

At its inception, ABM aims to introducing excellent, global brands to China. Its brand concept and new distribution model earned trust and praises among global brands. Representatives of MINENSSEY, LOVEKINS, NU-LAX, Melrose, Vida Glow and Robert Oatley attended the conference and made speeches. Five out of them signed a contract with ABM’s co-founder Will WU. From now on, those brands will cooperate with ABM in an extensive manner.

MINENSSEY, LOVEKINS, NU-LAX, Melrose and Vida Glow signed protocol of “Look Ahead” with ABM

With insight into consumers’ demands and a line-up of little fresh meat idols and talented actresses

With the consumption upgrade in the Chinese market, more and more Chinese tend to choose foreign niche brands. Since July 2017 when ABM introduced some high-end, niche global brands into Chinese market, ABM has offered cost-effective, safe brands and products and won strong support.

In a market made popular by celebrity endorsement, ABM gradually dominates the domestic market with the help of influencers and celebrities. Celebrity Fen QIN has been honoured as the health ambassador by Melrose. Fen QIN also recommends the MINENSSEY facial masks to consumers on the Little Red Book platform. Another celebrity Mubo HAN tends to care for his skin with Vida Glow Australian natural deep sea collagen powder every day. It is a great honour to have famous actress Yin ZHU at the conference to campaign for Vida Glow Australian natural deep sea collagen powder and share her daily skincare secrets and love for collagen.

Ms. Yin ZHU shared her daily healthcare ideas and experience

Ms. Yin ZHU named the Vida Glow collagen juice

Group photo of Ms. Yin ZHU, founder of Vida Glow and co-founder of ABM

Senior lecturers explain and share industrial and brand information

Four professional lecturers were invited to the conference—Guangchen YU, skincare lecturer, Coco, former program producer of Jiangsu Radio and Television Station, Yang GUO, three times “Best Lecturer” award winner and Teddy, Australian registered dietitian. They revealed the macro market environment, professional insights and similar product information in aspects such as peptide aesthetics, superfoods in the healthy market, red wine market and collagen to help consumers get a better understanding of the brands and products.

Professional skincare lecturer Guangchen YU

Professional lecturer Coco

Professional wine lecturer Yang GUO

Professional lecturer Teddy

The two-day 2018 ABM “BEST Future” Trilogy—Future Consumption Conference ended with success. ABM will make continued efforts to bridge the gap between Chinese and Australian markets and put the focus back to consumers. Through education, guidance and innovation, ABM will concentrate on meeting the consumers’ demands from the heart. Future Entrepreneurship Conference (the second session of the trilogy) and Coming of the Future (the third session Conference) will be held in Sydney, Australia and Hangzhou, China in November and December. With respect to the “solo-preneurship” model, our past experience, achievements and case studies, ABM will draw a blueprint of the future relationships among the three parties of e-Commerce, brands and consumers.

ABM will work with the current economic environment of consumption upgrade rather than against it and seize market opportunities in this prime time and lead brands and consumers to a new consumption pattern in the future.