ABM Anniversary Celebration Ended with Success in Australia: A Party of Surprises​

June 27, 2018 saw ABM under Access Corporate Group, a leading brand management company, celebrate its first anniversary. ABM held an anniversary celebration at Le Montage, Sydney, Australia. ABM’s co-founders, representatives of big brands, agents from all over the world, as well as local Australian press, attended the party for ABM’s 1-year anniversary.


ABM’s 1-year anniversary celebration

Since its founding in July 2017, ABM has been building a stronger pool of talents and working with excellent brands, partners and distributors towards success for all parties. The anniversary celebration featured lots of gorgeous set-ups such as WeChat interactive real-time screen, VIP red carpet, brand display & interaction area, 7-tier anniversary cake and photobooth to give guests an exciting experience.


Set-up for the birthday

ABM is committed to helping new global brands enter the Chinese market and assisting individuals to distribute these brands. In the past year, ABM made great achievements through collective efforts with distributors. ABM’s co-founder Will and Warren made the opening speech. After expressing their excitement and gratitude to guests for their supports, the anniversary party officially began. Later, ABM’s co-founder Livia rolled out business strategies for the next year which identified the priorities in development and transformations corresponding to the market changes in the future.


ABM’s co-founder Will WU and Warren LIU made the opening speech for the i-year anniversary celebration


Access’ co-founder Livia WANG released new strategy

On the stage, representatives of Melrose, MINENSSEY, Dr. LeWinn’s and Lovekins expressed their best wishes to ABM. Ostelin put on an amazing dance performance for the audience and their mascot also brought laughter to the audience. Representative of Danone selected the first prize winner of the lucky draw.


Group photo of brand representatives and co-founders

ABM cannot achieve what it has today without the collective efforts of its distributors all over the world. These outstanding distributors shared their stories, growing experience and values they learned from ABM. They also gave a fabulous catwalk, bringing a visual feast to all guests. Afterwards, co-founder Will presented 20 outstanding distributors with “ABM 2018 Outstanding Contribution Award”. These winning representatives made award-winning speeches.


Catwalk featuring outstanding distributors


Co-founder Will presented 20 outstanding distributors with “ABM 2018 Outstanding Contribution Award”

Afterwards, Will expressed his sentiments on ABM’s first birthday. Under the witness of excellent distributors and in the blessing of all guests, Will, Livia and Warren – the three founders of ABM cut the cake together.


Three founders of ABM cut the cake together


Group photo of all guests

In the past year, ABM was faced with both challenges and opportunities. ABM cannot achieve what it has today without a pipeline of excellent ABMers with ABM spirit. Founder Warren explained the ABM spirit and awarded 18 hard-working and spirited employees with “Strongest ABM Spirit” Award. In the lucky draw, 4 distributors won the amazing prizes prepared by ABM.


Co-founder Warren presenting the “Strongest ABM Spirit” Award


Winning agent

A last dance concluded the 1-year anniversary celebration of ABM, but the fun was far from over. The “Run With The Wind” campaign would bring endless surprises for agents from June 25 to July 15, including 50% off minimum investment spending for 15 days, lucky draw, VIP’s meeting with Fan Bingbing, and subsidies for offline franchising events.


Thousands of ABMers from both China and Australia get together for the birthday party

ABM is grateful for what has been achieved. In the face of a new journey, ABM hopes to work in good partnership with distributors so as to introduce more, better brands across the globe to China and establish the career of ABMers in the context of new retail. The anniversary celebration in Australia is a review of achievements made in the past year, while the birthday party that will be held in Shanghai means the infinite prospect for a new year. Please wait and see the grand occasion that thousands of ABMers from both China and Australia get together for the birthday party.