ABM • BEST “Coming of the Future” Conference Came To An End, Empowering Individual Entrepreneurs From The Ground Up. ​

On December 15, ABM • BEST “Coming of the Future” Conference ended with success at Hangzhou White Horse Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center. The high-profile Conference “Coming of the Future” brought together nearly 50 representatives from ten brands and more than 2,000 distributors. This Hangzhou trip is the final session of ABM • BEST future trilogy.

President Zhiyong HE delivered the opening speech

2018 saw Internet Plus experience rapid growth and constantly bring vitality into traditional industries. Given the fast growth of many Internet FMCG platforms, such as Luckin Coffee, Fresh Hema, Pinduoduo, and Jingdong supermarket, the new retail industry that features “product, service, efficiency and experience” has huge potentials in China. As a rising star in cross-border e-commerce industry, ABM has its place in the new retail space by combining the advantages of the Internet and whole supply chains. In response to the increasing market demand in the new retail industry, ABM held the future conference trilogy at the end of 2018 to discuss the consumption trends, solo entrepreneurship and the future of new retail.

As the first Sino-Australian cross-border distribution management platform, ABM will tap into the full opportunities and potentials of the Chinese market. The first session of ABM “BEST Future” Trilogy—Future Consumption Conference—was a hit in Haining. The session “Future Entrepreneurship” held in Sydney, Australia, focused on in-depth analysis of market demands, adding to the entrepreneurial enthusiasm. Boosted by the third session “Coming of the Future” in Hangzhou, ABM Trilogy has built a pool of thousands of entrepreneurs.

At the conference, ABM announced its exclusive partnership in China with MitoQ, the world’s leading cell science healthcare brand. MitoQ, researched and developed by the University of Cambridge and the University of Otago spending over $50 million in over 10 years, has cracked the code to generating younger blood vessels. The partnership between ABM and MitoQ not only allows overseas Chinese entrepreneurs to access the cutting-edge products themselves but also allows them to bring these amazing products into the Chinese market, bringing more market opportunities for domestic entrepreneurs. This partnership also means ABM is excelling in the beauty, health, lifestyle and mother & baby fields.

Livia Wang, CEO and founder of ABM in Australia and New Zealand, announced the partnership between MitoQ and ABM, making ABM the sole distributor for MitoQ in Greater China

President of MitoQ, a leading healthcare brand in New Zealand, introduced the products and R&D concepts to distributors

According to the latest data, the output value of China’s health service is expected to reach $1.6 trillion by 2020 and $3.2 trillion by 2030. The health industry has become a new economic growth point. A growing number of solo entrepreneurs are also seizing this opportunity to enter this growing industry. At the “Coming of Future” Conference, Ms. Livia Wang discussed the current consumer environment, development status of new retail and trend of market-oriented solo entrepreneurship. ABM is focusing on the production and sharing of resources to offer exciting opportunities and new ways for aspiring entrepreneurs.

ABM has a strong track record in quality control and operating a fully-developed supply chain. Its partner brands include brands with over 80 years of history in healthcare across Australia such as Melrose and NU-LAX, Australia’s No.1 medical beauty brand Dr.LeWINN’S, Australian high-end baby skincare brand Lovekins, high-end beauty supplement brand Vida Glow, and high-end skincare brand Minenssey. Besides, ABM also provided its distributors with sales and marketing strategies to help them tackle challenges in logistics, distribution, warehousing, marketing, as well as after-sales service.

Celebrity business coach Naixin KOU sharing her own experience.

As the pioneer of cross-border distribution platforms in China, ABM brings great benefits to start-ups and helps them grow stronger from the ground up with its interactive platform and rich new retail experience with consumers, products and market environment.

In the future, ABM will strengthen its efforts in the field of beauty and health to empower more “solo-preneurs” with new products. In terms of the training of “solo-preneurs”, ABM will focus on developing Jingchuang College. By doing so, ABM seeks to build a new retail think tank with high-quality courses that provide entrepreneurs with solutions and growth plans in all aspects. Being onboard with ABM, these entrepreneurs will be able to grow steadily and further develop themselves.