ABM BEST Future Trilogy - Future Entrepreneurship, Opportunities for Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs​

Recently, ABM, the first new Sino-Australian distribution system management platform, held the “Future Entrepreneurship Conference” (the second session of the ABM “BEST Future” Trilogy) in Sydney. At the “Future Consumption Conference” (the first session of the “BEST Future” Trilogy) held in October this year in Haining, ABM elaborated on the trend of consumption upgrade. At the recent conference, ABM explored the relationship between business start-ups and consumption trends, and helped overseas entrepreneurs better understand future consumption models and seize opportunities with insights on the development of three major consumption industries. Tickets were on high demand during its sales period. On the day of the event, thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs were brought together to discuss current business opportunities for start-ups. Ms. Livia WANG, managing director and co-founder of ABM in Australia and New Zealand, Will WU, managing director and co-founder of ABM in Greater China, Mr. Warren LIU, co-founder of ABM, and representatives of ABM’s five brand partners attended the conference.

2018 ABM “BEST Future” Trilogy—Future Entrepreneurship Conference

Follow the trend and discuss the entrepreneurial prospects

October this year, at the “Future Consumption Conference” of the ABM “BEST Future” Trilogy in Haining, China, ABM provided forward-looking insights into the new consumption trend brought by consumption upgrade. As ABM observed, consumption was not a mere synonym of purchase; instead, with the Internet’s advancement, consumption has developed diverse features and demonstrated changes in attitudes in the working class towards consumption.

Based on a strong track record in market development, fast development of the Internet and increasing social activities on the Internet, consumption upgrade determines where business start-ups will go in the future. Taking advantage of the geographical convenience, overseas Chinese people could easily get their hands on newly emerging products. Thus, they should make good use of this advantage and work with excellent platforms to build their own business. The “Future Entrepreneurship Conference” (the second session of the ABM BEST Future Trilogy) has offered exciting opportunities for business start-ups to numerous overseas Chinese people.

Livia discussing the entrepreneurial prospects with on-site guests

Exciting business opportunities give rise to new entrepreneurial ship

As a new cross-border distribution system management platform, ABM boasts numerous high-quality resources. At the conference, ABM, partnering with industrial leaders in beauty, healthcare and wine under its agent brands, explored the industrial trend and represented the industrial development in the future with the help of data. According to statistics, health food, and mask and essence in the makeup and cosmetics range ranked first and second among China’s top ten imported commodities. As data of Tmall Global shows, beauty care products and health food contributed to over 50% of its sales volume. Latest data released by Wine Australia showed the volume of Australia’s wine export to China surged by 51%. As a result, China surpassed America to be the largest importer of Australia’s wine. Lately, ABM singed the exclusive right to sell in China with Robert Oatley, a famous wine brand in Australia.

ABM’s agent brands include two brands with over 80 years of history in Australia – Melrose and NU-LAX, Australia’s No. 1 clinical beauty brand Dr.LeWINN’S, widely-received high-end beauty supplement brand Vida Glow, and high-end natural beauty and skin care brand Minenssey. At the conference, brand representatives and industrial experts were invited to discuss the industry trends and future development with aspiring overseas Chinese entrepreneurs.

Australian industrial leaders and experts have partnered up with ABM to meet the increasing demands of Chinese consumers in the three categories mentioned above. By means of powerful, high-quality platform, individual entrepreneurs will take the preemptive opportunities at the initial stage of their business. ABM pools the industrial resources and cooperates with trendy brands to offer entrepreneurs with powerful products and explore entrepreneurial opportunities in the future.

Four brand representatives gathering at the ABM Future Entrepreneurship Conference

CEOs of NU-LAX & Melrose discussing health topics with renowned Australian dietitians

At the conference, Mr. Will WU, managing director and co-founder of ABM in China, brought exciting news for operators who have physical stores. ABM will first offer ABM Brand Alliance Store and unified visual design to distributors with offline physical retail stores. These “ABM Brand Alliance Stores” will provide more policy support to distributors with offline retail physical stores so as to help them improve sales performance.

Mr. Will WU, managing director and co-founder of ABM in Greater China, declared the launch of Brand Alliance Store initiative

Whether you are a distributor with a physical store or a Chinese citizen living overseas, take advantage of the current trends and geographic location as well as the variety of resources on the ABM platform. ABM believes that the success of the platform lies within progress and accomplishments of individual entrepreneurs. ABM continues to help individuals with great potentials succeed.

ABM entrepreneurial pioneers’ experience sharing

The “Future Entrepreneurship Conference” ended with success. ABM will make unremitting efforts to link the Chinese and Australian markets. This is the best time for entrepreneurship, ABM will facilitate the communication and cooperation between brands and entrepreneurs. The “Coming of the Future Conference” (the third session of the Future Trilogy) will be held in Hangzhou, China in December. ABM will explore “solo-preneur” business model and implementation to demonstrate the opportunities and achievements at different stages of consumption and business start-ups. With the positive trends of consumption and “solo-preneurship”, ABM will work with these “solo-preneurs” to make great achievements through better brands and more mature platforms. Next part of “Best Future” is the Coming of the Future — ABM, Coming of the Future.