ABM Rolls Out New Brand Strategic Plan as Consumption Upgrade Leads to Globalization of New Retail​

ABM under Access Corporate Group, a brand management company, launched its brand new strategic plan on 2019 Spring Brand Strategy Conference recently held in Sydney.

At the conference, ABM also launched nearly 40 new products from its partner brands including Vida Glow, Minenssey and Lovekins. Meanwhile, ABM also launched its “Experience the World” brand campaign – this marks ABM’s expansion beyond Australia and New Zealand to the whole world, offering quality goods to consumers across the globe and ABM’s commitment to sharing the quality life. The conference brought many brand representatives and three hundred quality lifestyle bloggers together to discuss how to select quality goods that lead to a better lifestyle.

As Chinese residents see an increase in their income and a huge change in their consumer behaviour and ideology, they are looking at more quality goods from international brand. Consumption upgrade has become a new trend and hot topic. Going with the trend of consumption upgrade and globalization of new retail, ABM launched its Danchuang APP – a platform to share quality lifestyle and goods worldwide in 2016. ABM pools global brands resources and became the sole distribution platform for many brands. In so doing, ABM seeks to make brands reach end consumers in a more efficient and extensive way and to deliver more overseas quality products and brand philosophies to Chinese consumers.

As Livia WANG – Chief Brand Officer of Access Corporate Group revels, ABM has always selected quality global goods for consumers by strict “Best of thee Best” selection standards. At present, ABM has gained exclusive distribution rights from many Australian, Singaporean, Japanese and Korean brands to distribute their products in Greater China and the whole world, covering health, makeup, maternal, baby and lifestyle ranges.

“Based on thorough observation on the globalization of new retail, ABM will uphold its standards for goods selection and improve its omni-channel management and operation and work to bring a quality lifestyle to Chinese consumers by making more global brands accessible to them.”

ABM will cooperate with its agent brands to hold over 50 fieldtrips for in-depth brand exploration in 2019. ABM will get involved in production processes from raw material collection to processing of products at Mudgee winery and Melrose’s factory. In addition to these fieldtrips, ABM will also invite global brands to China to bring their brands to Chinese consumers in a series of conferences. At that time, numerous Chinese consumers will have opportunities to share and exchange their understanding and experiences on high-quality products in a meet-and-greet. In addition, ABM will deliver more knowledge on health and beauty, and lifestyle to people around the world in many brand campaigns. The 2019 ABM “Experience the World” Campaign will start with distributors in Sydney and other cities across Australia and New Zealand, and will explore high-quality local goods in around 20 cities across 5 countries including Spain, Singapore and China. Through this campaign, ABM will share quality goods and lifestyle in those cities with consumers all over the world.