ABM Strengthens its Work in Healthcare Field with New Brands and Products Launched in Spring

Recently, ABM under Access Corporate Group, an innovative brand management company, announced the product launch of its new partner eimele, Australian innovative weight management brand as well as popular existing brands Melrose and Lovekins on its e-commerce APP to offer global consumers a better lifestyle. This product launch reflects both ABM’s new brand strategy and its further expansion into the healthcare range.

As Livia WANG, CEO of Access Group in Australia and New Zealand points out, “ABM has always been committed to providing consumers across the globe with high-quality products in healthcare, beauty and lifestyle fields. Since the establishment of new brand strategy at the beginning of this year, ABM has picked up its pace in introducing more excellent brands in the world to Chinese consumers. By doing so, ABM aims to deliver more quality brands throughout the world to consumers more quickly to share and create a beautiful lifestyle every day.”

Overweight or obesity has become one of the major health problems affecting Chinese residents as the “fast-food” lifestyle has become the “mainstream” in a fast-paced country like China. About 90 million Chinese are overweight or obese due to eating disorders and work pressure. According to statistics, nearly 1 million consumers search for weight loss products on e-commerce platforms every day; the number of people who searched using the keyword “weight loss” in 6 months is over 600 million. At the same time, there is a growing number of non-overweight people who aspire to be “thinner” for special occasions such as before marriage and before holiday. Thus, Chinese consumers have an increasing demand for weight loss.

Based on this observation, the Australia-based weight management brand eimele is entering Chinese market through ABM platform, offering Chinese consumers more scientific, healthy and personalized weight loss programs and products. Built by health expert Simon Hill and an all-star team of nutritionists, eimele offer targeted, effective, scientific meal replacement products that can control the calorie deficit accurately. Based on natural food materials, eimele provides all nutrients that human body requires in each meal and helps consumers lose weight in a convenient, fast and safe way without bouncing back after the plan is finished. As a health expert, Simon Hill is the private personal dietitian of numerous Australian athletes and celebrities, including the film star Chris Hemsworth who plays “Thor”. eimele provides each consumer with a lifestyle management system in all respects through online tools, weight management blogs and interactive communities in ways that make weight loss easier and more enjoyable.

In addition, both the national healthcare brand with over 40 years of history Melrose and mother and baby product brand Lovekins have launched more new products which cover various aspects of daily life on the ABM APP. These widely-received Australian brands offer delightful additions to Chinese consumers to improve their life quality and lead beautiful life.

Melrose has always been committed to the health of consumers. Considering the physical characteristics and eating habits of consumers at different age groups, Melrose offers healthy Australian cooking oils with rich nutrition and high-quality. Melrose’s oils are widely received among Chinese households, encompassing as diverse as olive oil, sunflower oil, fish oil, avocado oil, flaxseed oil, pumpkin seed oil, walnut oil, sesame oil. Melrose pays closer attention to healthy eating and nutrition of each and every household in China.

Famous Australian mother and baby product brand Lovekins offers safe and pure skincare and personal caree products to hard-working women with love. The newly launched Lovekins pure cotton sanitary napkins are the first personal care products in Australia that use the non-gel technology as Lovekins is a strong advocate for new and comfortable personal care.

In the 2019 brand strategy published by ABM, there will be more new products from both new brands like eimele and existing brands launched on ABM platform in the near future. Meanwhile, ABM will further expand its brand portfolio to deliver its values in healthcare, beauty and lifestyle to global consumers with amazing products.