Power to Overseas Entrepreneurs by Leading the New Distribution Pattern

Under the influence of domestic consumption upgrade, many high-quality brands in the world have been increasingly sought after by Chinese consumers. However, these brands still face many difficulties when entering Chinese market, such as limited channels, lack of effective operation, inadequate after-sales services, mixed brands, etc. These difficulties are the pain points that many overseas entrepreneurs feel.

ABM under Access Corporate Group, has emerged at the right moment to tackle this pain point. Dedicated to helping emerging global brands enter the Chinese market, As the first management platform for brands & distributors in the world, ABM is giving power to “solo-preneurs” by providing them with a platform that truly has their best interest at heart. With its innovative distribution model, its wide reach of distributors and an interactive and supportive platform, ABM clears a new path for brands to venture into the Chinese market.

Due to the limitations of the existing distribution models, it is difficult for “solo-preneurs” and small-to-medium-sized start-ups to obtain distribution rights of high-quality, overseas brands due to lack of capitals and experience. ABM offers solutions to challenges these “solo-preneurs” and small-to-medium-sized start-ups may face such as stocks, logistics, customs clearance, marketing, after-sales customer service and brand selection. ABM’s new distribution model makes it easier for individuals to start a business and for overseas entrepreneurs to directly distribute international. Thus, not only are ABM’s distributors able to reach their full potentials as entrepreneurs, but ABM’s partner brands are able to convey their value on this amazing platform.

ABM follows a “5A” standard (Awareness, Appeal, Ask, Act and Advocate) to select its partner brands where only 10% of applicant brand will become their partners. Thanks to such strict brand screening process, ABM has gained great trust from its distributors and is able to deliver high-quality overseas products to Chinese consumers.

ABM’s distributors visit Melrose’s factory

What’s more impressive than the rapid growth in the number of ABM’s distributors is the achievements made by these distributors. Thanks to the accurate positioning of ABM and the collective efforts of ABM’s distributors, ABM’s distributors have achieved great results time and time again. During the Singles’ Day event in 2017, total sales reached $3 million. In addition, in less than one year of partnership with ABM, the sales volume of Melrose’s plant essence surpassed that in the past 30 years combined. On the other hand, Bean Body sold 8,000 packages within one hour of launching on ABM. Moreover, Vida Glow sold over 20,000 cans of its best-selling products in 100 minutes in October 2017. There are many more examples like this, and every breakthrough resulted from the collective efforts of all the distributors.

Group photo with brands at brand signing ceremony

In the past year, ABM also held tens of brand events to foster a better understanding of the sourcing of products and to build up confidence in these distributors

For example, in April this year, ABM brought its Chinese distributors to the origin of Kakaku plum—Darwin, the capital of Australian Northern Territory. Kakaku plum is key ingredient used in Lovekins products, the first certified hypo-allergenic baby skincare brand in Australia. This May, ABM also invited its Australian distributors to the MINENSSEY’s brand campaign held in Melbourne. On May 25, ABM, partnered with Melrose and NU-LAX to host the 2018 Summer New Product Launch in Hangzhou. Fen QIN, celebrity and Editor-In-Chief of Men’s Health, was at the launch.

Success is not achieved by chance; rather, it requires sweat and hard work. In the future, ABM hopes to work with distributors to bring more quality overseas brands into China and get more distribution rights for overseas entrepreneurs amid a constantly changing landscape in retail and media.