About Us

Business Ecosystem​

Equipped with a holistic approach to brand development, marketing and distribution, Access connects millions of consumers around the globe to a selection of premium beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands, delivering on its promise of ‘Everyday Better Life’ through its comprehensive business model. The premium international brands, ABM ConsuMerchantTM, VTN and closed-loop supply chains serve as the essential cornerstones of Access Corporate Group’s integrated brand management ecosystem

Brand Management Mechanisms

We adopt three brand management mechanisms for our internationally selected brands at all stages:

•Strategic brand empowerment starting with acquisition
•Brand incubation combining ecosystem management and an in-depth operational approach
•Brand distribution and marketing consultancy activated by our established channels

Through these three unique brand management models, we bring mass premium brands to a global community of consumers, making their everyday lives better.

Core Business Pillars


VTN stands for truth, time and nature in Latin. VTN is a sophisticated members-only brands retail community that instantly brings brands to consumers.

VTN combines APP, website and boutique stores for a unique direct-to-consumer experience, allowing premium brands to reach consumers across the world in an unprecedented fashion.


ABM ConsuMerchantTM is our pioneering reseller management arm, which empowers a thriving community of brand influencers to build their own business for successful entrepreneurship through established social channels.

Access empowers consumers to also become merchants and sellers, creating the term ConsuMerchantTM as the name for our exclusive, proprietary brand influencers management system.

Cultivated by Access, this distinct group of consumers are both our strongest advocates and valued resellers. Their influence is key in generating sales and providing real, insightful customer feedback.

We Connect

Our business approach is rooted in a genuine desire to fulfil our mission at each step. For our customers, entrepreneurs, and brands, we consistently deliver on a commitment to make every day better.

we connect


We enrich the lives of more than 10 million customers across the world with innovative, natural, and sustainable products in the wellness, beauty and lifestyle sectors.


We empower individuals to become entrepreneurs, our global network of resellers now includes tens of thousands brand influencers around the globe.


Investing in ingredients, research and technology enables our brands to deliver the highest possible quality of products and experiences.

Global Reach

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