Access Corporate Group: A Winner for Brand Management in The Australian Business Awards 2020​

Access Corporate Group is delighted to announce it has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Brand Management in the recently revealed The Australian Business Awards 2020. Now in their fifteenth year, The Australian Business Awards (ABA) program provides an opportunity for high-performing organisations which implement world-class business initiatives and develop innovative products and services to be acknowledged and honoured for their achievements both nationally and internationally. The national winners are benchmarked in the international chapter of the program at The World Business Awards whereby participants are provided with the unique opportunity to benchmark themselves against the top performers globally.

An innovative global brand management company established three years ago, Access Corporate Group has more than 20 acquired and invested brands and over 80 distributed and marketed brands in its portfolio, spanning across beauty, wellness and lifestyle sectors. These include Vida Glow, Melrose, Lovekins, Napoleon Perdis, Dr. LeWinn’s, BeanBody, Minenssey, MitoQ, BEE+, Eimele, Alissi Bronte, Thalissi, Amilera, Invisible Zinc, Hunter Lab, Savar, Sensori+, Ch22, Doverist, Nu-Lax, along with various wine labels such as Robert Oatley Wines, Paulett Wines, Burge Family Wines and Vandenberg.

With its vision of “Everyday Better Life”, Access sees its premium brands as integral to the daily routine of consumers to help them feel good and become healthier and more beautiful. Each is chosen on rigorous criteria – they must be a mass premium brand and must have a right combination of authentic ingredients, premium quality and a willingness to embrace new technologies.

With a strong capability in identifying promising brands, Access then further grows and strengthens them with great results. For example, Vida Glow recently won ‘Best Buy For Inner Health’ at the 2020 David Jones Beauty Awards and is consistently in the top 10 bed, bath and beauty products at Myer; Dr. LeWinn’s, with over 25 years’ experience and expertise in anti-ageing skincare, has become one of the best-selling Australian cosmeceutical brands in pharmacies; Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics recently entered David Jones and is committed to an ongoing global expansion plan, while continuing to grow its biggest cosmetic training academy program for make-up artists in Australia.

Access chose Lovekins, a unique wellness and skincare brand founded in 2017, for its entry in The Australian Business Awards because it is a good example of how it is able to incubate, shape and activate emerging brands to thrive in new markets. From developing the go-to-market approach and messaging strategies, to operations and manufacturing, the company works closely with the Australian founder, Amanda Essery, who was keen to embrace new technologies and new approaches. Working with Access has seen the brand’s GMV reached A$50M in 2019.

Access Corporate Group chief brand officer Livia Wang said she is thrilled with the recognition: “We carefully select brands and incubate them. We rigorously test all aspects and adjust where necessary to maximise success and we do this quickly and responsively. Most importantly, we listen to our customers, and find the best ways to create bridges between them and our brands.

“It also comes down to having a trusting partnership and being prepared to try new things. We took Lovekins into new categories – mother and baby care – and we identified the right influencers to help tell the brand story in engaging ways through real life, virtual and social engagement. We are committed to researching and experimenting with new approaches that allow our brands to shine.”

In addition to brand incubation, Access uses two other brand management mechanisms, one is brand partnership and the other being marketing consultancy and distribution solutions. Through these three unique brand management strategies, Access brings international premium brands to a global community of consumers that today is almost 10 million.

“We’re in an era where consumer needs and retail industry trends are changing faster than ever: the rise of social media as a significant tool to connect with consumers; the growing demand for highest quality brands that are loved and reflect personal needs and values ; and the increasing opportunities for cross-border e-commerce without boundaries. Staying ahead of these rapidly evolving new trends is a key contributor for Access’s brand management success,” Livia added.