Access Corporate Group: 2021 Wellness Reimagined Summit

The concept of wellness has been redefined in recent years, with consumers looking to renew their sense of health and wellbeing. So how has science and research contributed to this re-valuing of wellness, and how will technology reshape the future of the wellness industry?

These are just some of the themes explored in the upcoming panel discussion, Wellness Reimagined Summit, hosted by Access Corporate Group in collaboration with the Global Wellness Institute.


Join global wellness industry leaders on Tuesday, December 14, at 1.00 pm as they delve deeper into the new meaning of wellness and its evolving trends.



Hosted by Livia Wang, Chief Brand Officer at Access Corporate Group, and Warren Liu, Chief Strategy Officer at Access Corporate Group, the Summit will include the following guest panel speakers:

Alison Stephenson – Digital and lifestyle editor of Body + Soul
Dr. Andrew J Clarke – Chief Scientific Advisor to a2 Milk Company
Dr. Ross Walker – Australian Top Preventive Health Expert
Dr. Peter D Vash – Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA
Greg Macpherson – Founder of SRW
Julia Illera – Senior Consultant, Euromonitor International
Dr. Julie Z Chen – Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Ophelia Yeung – Global Wellness Institute Researcher