Why Should a Company Use Social Media?​

The development of technology has opened new doors to how organisations can market themselves. Nowadays, the strategy is not about handing out flyers or placing billboards beside main roads, focusing on where people spend a large amount of their day: social media.

To put things simply, the internet is real estate you can use to maximise and yield results. Social media is no longer an option for businesses – proper utilisation of it can make or break your brand.

Not convinced yet?

Here are five reasons why your company should start using social media to promote and market the business.

Establish Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness is one of the priorities that every business should have. How will your audience know you exist if you don’t put your name out there in the first place? 

With billions of active users, social media is a treasure trove of leads: thousands or even millions of those users might be part of your target market. Setting up a social media account is quick and easy, but when it comes to maximising it, you might need the help of a marketing officer or social media manager to help you with what and when to post.

Show Your Human Side

At the end of the day, the question will always be, “how can I make my brand resonate with consumers?”

The good thing about social media is that you can humanise your brand. Through posts, you can show your advocacy, mission, brand values and promises in action. The brand’s social media can also promote the brains behind the marketing, leadership, products, and services you offer. Seeing that real people are working hard behind the scenes to fulfil the organisation’s vision often helps your audience connect emotionally to you.

Generate Leads

As we mentioned before, social media is a gold mine when it comes to leads; don’t let that opportunity go to waste.

Social media offers you the ability to post and show your ads to people with specific interests: your target market can scroll through their feeds to find recommendations of products and services they’re interested in. The most important step is knowing who to target, which should be based on your buyer personas, to help the platform identify which people to show your ads to.

Know What People are Talking About

Social media offers two valuable uses; it lets you update others while getting updated. For businesses, it allows you to stay informed with what everyone is talking about, whether it’s a trend, news or even your competitors.

Through social media, you can examine what kind of posts people are interacting with, and how. Another benefit is that you can conduct social listening to find out what your customers say about your brand and competitors. Social listening is the process of monitoring conversations on social media channels that mention your brand, products, competitors and more.

The information you gather will serve as data to create new strategies and content that is relevant, interactive and customer centric.

Engage with Leads and Customers

One of the main differences between traditional marketing and social media is that the former relies more on one-way communication. Social media, on the other hand, is more accessible and offers communication both ways.

Being active and posting relevant content on the social media platform of your choice can turn heads your way. Potential leads and customers will likely show interest and leave comments and likes on your posts. But that’s not the end of the communication; you can continue the engagement by replying to them and coming up with new content that responds to their comments, helping your audience feel even more connected to your brand.

Connect with Your Audience

Building relationships with your target audience is crucial in the success of your company, whether online or offline, and social media is a powerful tool a business can utilise for engagement.

However, connecting with your audience is just one of the steps to market your brand. There are also other factors that your team needs to pay attention to prior to rolling out any plans. Before you implement any traditional or digital campaigns, it’s vital to have a solid foundation through brand management.

Your business needs a solid brand identity: it’s the DNA of your business. With a strong brand identity, leads and customers will be more likely to identify and remember you. 

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