Honour the Best Women in Your Life this ​International Women's Month

March 8 is an essential date for all women: a momentous occasion that celebrates the positive changes women have brought to the world’s social, cultural, economic, and political landscape. Aside from that, it’s an important day to remind everyone of the challenges women face and the bright future we all look forward to and work towards!

This March, show your support for the amazing women in your life. Whether you’re marching along with an organisation for a great cause or doing something small for a woman you love, there are ways great and small to honour the best women you know.

Show Your Support on Social Media

Social media is perfect to connect with different people and voice what’s on your mind. Using social media, you can spread awareness to a broader audience about diversity and women’s challenges. You can also give a shout out to iconic women that have impacted your life: maybe your boss, a famous person or your mother.

Attend International Women’s Day Events

Another form of support for the important women in your life is learning more about women empowerment, equality, the issues they face, and celebrating their wins and accomplishments. The first step in learning more about this is to search for an event within your area. The International Women’s Day (IWD) website has a search option for events to make it easy to find one near you.

VTN recently held an event that celebrates women from the inside out at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. Called Through Her Eyes – Celebrating Visionary Women , this event honoured women of the past, present, and future in a glamorous and purposeful way. Bianca Spender, fashion designer, Jacqueline Alwill, nutritionist and wholefoods chef, and Access’ own chief brand officer Livia Wang appeared as guest speakers, discussing career advice, self-care and inspiration for their creative journey.

An innovative brand community that combines app, website and boutique stores, VTN also staged several interactive product displays from their own premium brands such as makeup touch ups from Napoleon Perdis and a hand spa from Minenssey. Bringing together VTN premium members, key influencers and thought leaders, the event set to further uplift a group of already exceptional women. The event is just one of the many out there that set to empower and honour you and those around you!

Acknowledge the Women in Your Life

Giving acknowledgement will always go a long way and make someone’s day better, especially if it comes from the heart. This March, give out all the compliments and recognitions to everyone you are proud of. Give kudos to your female co-workers for a job well done, message your mother or sister and tell them how much you support them, and tell your female friends that you always got their back.

Another way to show appreciation for the women who helped shape you is to give the gift of beauty and confidence! Here are gifts you can give them as your token of appreciation:

Minenssey’s The Nutritious Skin Treatment Mask

Also known as the ’72-hour Mask,’ this mask will give anyone the glow up they deserve, with an instant shine, deep nourishment and radiant complexion that can last for days. Thanks to its clinically proven, innovative ProRenew Complex CLR™, PreBio™, Hyaluronic Acid, and potent blend of active Australian botanicals, you’ll never go wrong in giving this special treatment mask as a gift.

Vida Glow Hyaluronic Complex – Acai Berry

Made with 100 mg of low-weight hyaluronic acid, this specialised ingestible treatment is perfect for dry skin as it gives a burst of hydration. It’s a great gift choice for those who are experiencing periods of dehydration and irritation because of seasonal changes, travel or the use of harsh topicals. 


Giving up morning coffee is not an option for coffee lovers who are on a diet. Give them the freedom to drink their morning perk-me-up coffee with eimele’s Metabolism Plus Coffee. This coffee has tons of benefits, including powerful selected active compounds that promote fat burning and energy metabolism, as well as Acacia gum that will make them feel full for a longer time. Another great thing about this coffee is that it’s 100 per cent natural, gluten-free and sugar-free, and is only 12 calories per serving.


A good skincare routine is the secret for better makeup application, but you can step that up for even smoother skin with a primer. Napoleon Perdis’ AUTO PILOT PRE-FOUNDATION SKIN PRIMER will help lessen the times your female colleagues and friends need to reapply makeup during the day. On top of that, this primer is enriched with natural ingredients that strengthen the skin and boost hydration levels, preparing the skin to transform with the makeup they will use next.


Periods can be uncomfortable for some ladies. Ease the burden even a little by giving them eco-friendly pads and sanitary products. These pads from Lovekins offer maximum protection while acting fast and absorbing, leaving no room for leaks any time of the day. Made with Australian cotton, Lovekins’ pads and liners are free from irritants and comfortable to wear.

ACG Celebrates Women All Year Round

International Women’s Day is a huge celebration, reminding everyone that women have a powerful role in society and that nothing will stop them from overcoming the world’s challenges. Access stands proudly with women by giving them a wide array of premium brands that focus on giving them confidence, beauty, wellness and an enhanced lifestyle. Our goal is to provide customers with the opportunity to have better quality products for everyday use, a better style and healthier way of life and a better approach through innovative products.

We handpick brands that we know share the same passion and mission as we do: all our partner brands use authentic ingredients, create premium quality products, and are always willing to embrace new technologies. Discover who Access has partnered with so far or start shopping for the brands that will bring out the best in you on VTN, our online shopping destination freshly launched in Australia and New Zealand.