More than Business: Words of Wisdom from Chinese Australian Entrepreneurs​

One of the shared beliefs at Access Corporate Group is that we can all learn from others, as well as from our own experiences. It’s part of our culture and why Livia Wang, Global President, Brands and one of our co-founders, was so thrilled to be invited to speak at a recent webinar “Born in China, Made in Australia”, convened by KPMG Australia and the University of Sydney Business School.

In an Australian first, the two organisations conducted research into the unique experiences of Chinese-born Australian entrepreneurs. The event was held to launch the report of their findings, with the intention of inspiring current and future entrepreneurs.

An alumnus of the University of Sydney herself, Livia shared her stories of her early days in Australia, the journey to starting her own business and what she has subsequently learned.

Sharing the cornerstones of Access’ success, Livia first outlined always putting the customers first and making decisions based on their needs. She next discussed the importance of building a strong company culture with diversity and a shared vision: at Access, it is “Everyday Better Life” that resonates with every person on the team. Lastly, she advised to always look ahead of time, recognise that the business environment is constantly changing and that companies need to be adaptable to thrive.

Livia gave some examples of this adaptability at work, citing the COVID-19 pandemic as presenting challenges while also offering up opportunities to learn. Access has worked to create new ways in developing brands and responding quickly to customers’ needs and wants.

“I’m greatly honoured to have been asked to contribute to this panel: listening to the stories of the other respected businesspeople was fascinating. I hope that together we can inspire others to develop their entrepreneurial skills, and take that leap into business for themselves,” commented Livia after the event.