Start Making Your Beauty Routine Sustainable

Living a sustainable lifestyle is a choice: it’s a conscious decision that requires consistent effort. It can be a challenge since it will steer you away from what you’re used to, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change everything overnight. You can start small, maybe with something seemingly innocuous
that you do every day: your beauty routine. 

Ready to get started? Here are simple tips to get you up to speed on a beauty routine that is beneficial to both you and mother nature.

You Can Start as Early as Today

The first step into this transition is to ask yourself if you’re willing to change your products. Taking the sustainable route means you’ll be going for reusable and refillable products, as well as seeking out brands that source environmentally friendly ingredients.

After reading this and you’re serious about making the switch, it’s time to ditch your old products and switch to brands that offer sustainability.

Look for Brands that Support Sustainability

Part of the sustainable beauty routine is using products or ingredients that don’t harm the planet. When buying your next skincare or makeup products, shop at brands that support sustainability in their own way, offering natural alternatives that are free from harmful chemicals or are cruelty-free. There are several that champion a natural approach to skincare and beauty!

In an industry saturated with synthetic products, Hunter Lab uses a natural ingredient profile for gender-inclusive skincare products. They utilise green chemistry and organic ingredients for products with high performance and soothing qualities. They even list the exact percentages of every ingredient, helping people like you make informed choices for the best skincare results.

Based in New Zealand, Savar is a premium natural skincare and haircare brand. Packed with good-for-your-skin, non-toxic ingredients, each product is designed to have anti-aging and rejuvenating qualities. Savar’s active, plant-based ingredients have been researched for years, giving you the skin you’ve dreamed without compromising the environment.

BEAN BODY has a range of natural coffee scrubs, which are all paraben-free, vegan, and free of animal testing! The body scrubs come in a range of scents, from coconut to vanilla and more, combining fair-trade coffee beans for an organic skin buffing that is both indulgent and guilt-free.

Recycle or Upcycle Product Containers

Plastic is used for almost all containers or bottles of beauty products. Instead of quickly throwing out your empty skincare or makeup containers, find the recycling symbol or the “chasing arrows” icon on it. This icon will remind you that the product can be recycled. Go get a bin that will help you separate waste and recyclables. Having different bins will help constantly remind you of recycling your product containers. Then, drop it off at the nearest recycling centre to let these containers have another chance to serve their purpose.

Another good alternative is upcycling these empty containers. If you have a durable product container, you can use it as storage for your skincare or makeup items—let’s say for makeup brushes or lip balms! You can even use empty jars and bottles as a pot for your plants.

Streamline Your Beauty Routine

Everything takes one step at a time. The same goes for your beauty routine: start changing the products you use one by one.

You can start off by looking at your stock. See how much is left and mark those that are running out. Once you’ve identified products that are running low, you can now get started on searching for a sustainable or natural beauty product to replace it with. On the other hand, you can also check your skincare or makeup stash and identify unwanted beauty items. You can pass those “unwanted beauty items” out to your friends and family, giving these products a new home where they will be used and loved! Of course, make sure to check first the expiration date before giving these items out.

With this, you’re unconsciously streamlining your beauty routine. You’re removing what you don’t need, and adding what you think will be beneficial for you and the environment.

Switch Off the Tap When Not Used

A simple way to help the environment is turning off the tap when not in use whenever you wash your face or shampoo your hair. Leaving your tap on while shampooing your hair or washing your face with a cleanser only lets the water go down the drain unused.

Turning off the tap water when not in use may sound so simple, but it actually has a positive impact on the environment and your water bill.

Brands that Match Your Lifestyle

You can say that every person has their own preferences and way of living, and the same goes for brands. Each brand has its own story, but usually, there are some with common purposes or goals, and it’s always best to choose a brand that resonates with what you believe in. If you believe that brands should use authentic ingredients, produce premium products, and constantly embrace new technologies, the brands partnered with Access might be what you’re looking for.

From beauty to wellness and lifestyle, we have partnered with leading and award-winning brands that fit our vision of an “everyday better life.” Explore the brands that Access has partnered with so far, and you might find the perfect one for you and your family’s lifestyle.