The Best Dietary Supplements for Exercise and Athletic Performance

Supplements often play a small role in sports nutrition plans, but are still considered significant nonetheless as they serve as support to a healthy diet.

A balanced diet includes an array of vitamins and minerals. At the same time, supplements—whichever form they are in—help people meet their nutritional needs, improve nutrient deficiencies, achieve personal fitness goals, and even boost athletic performance, on top of the balanced diet.

However, before taking up anything, it’s important to do your part and know which dietary supplements you can trust.

How do You Know Which Supplements to Believe in?

With all the dietary supplements available in the market making the same claims, how will you know which are the best and most effective ones?

In Australia, the Australian Institute of Sport advises athletes and active adults to first consult doctors and physicians before taking up sports supplements.

Always ask yourself and your physician these three questions:

  • Is it safe?

  • Is it permitted?

  • Is there evidence that it “works”?

You can also take a look at the different categories for supplements provided by the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN):

  • Apparently effective – there are many studies that back up the safety and effectiveness of the product

  • Possibly effective – the initial findings are positive, but more research is still needed

  • Too early to tell – in theory, the products are effective but lack the evidence to support the claims

  • Apparently ineffective – the supplements either lack evidence or research results or that it’s ineffective and/or unsafe

The ISSN strongly advises going for supplements under category one (apparently effective) and discourage going for those under category three (too early to tell) and category four (apparently ineffective).

The bottom line is always to do your research and consult your trusted doctor. Find out if there are studies to back up the supplements’ claims and ask your physician to explain further the ingredients, possible effects, and more.

Which Dietary Supplements Can You Rely on?

You can trust brands with clinical research to prove claims or have stood the test of time and still produce the best products possible. Two notable examples you can take a look at are MitoQ and Melrose.


MitoQ’s goal is to bring awareness to the power of healthy mitochondria in optimising health and wellbeing to live better, do more and maintain high performance. MitoQ is no stranger when it comes to scientific research: they have conducted research on vascular health, cardiac health, brain and neurological health, liver health, kidney, metabolic health, lung health, and more.

When it comes to safety, MitoQ is affirmed as GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe), with studies that back up the ingredients used as well as taking beyond the recommended dose.

Furthermore, MitoQ 5mg, Heart, Blood Sugar and Brain capsules were all tested to check that there weren’t substances that are prohibited in professional sports. These products are Informed Sport Certified, allowing professional athletes to take MitoQ capsules to support their cellular health and athletic performance.



On the other hand, Melrose began with the idea that healthier food and products can act as a preventative. They believe in eating your way to health and that health can, and should, taste great. 

This 100% Australian owned company provides a huge range of products, including superfoods, vitamins, oils, supplement powders and topicals, sourced with the freshest quality ingredients available. Melrose has products that target different concerns, such as focus and performance, immunity, skin health, stress and sleep, gut health, and more. 

Through the years, Melrose has cemented itself as a staple in health food stores across Australia, with most of their products being Australian Certified Organic. Consuming ACO products is safer, and bring include a multitude of benefits: more nutrients, significantly lower levels of toxic synthetic chemicals and heavy metals, no polluting practices, no antibiotics or growth hormones, and better conditions for livestock.


Live Your Life to the Fullest

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