US Media Tour: Secrets to Success Accessing the Global $1.5 Trillion Wellness Market

Livia Wang in meeting with ABM distributors in Vancouver on Mar 9

March 2022 – This March Access Corporate Group’s (Access) Chief Brand Officer, Livia Wang, shared her insights on successfully reaching wellness and beauty consumers in a post-pandemic world during her visit to the US. Meeting with notable media outlets and influencers within the beauty and health space, Ms. Wang, shared details on the launch of her new platform, VTN, and strategies for success within the growing wellness and self-care space. The booming industry is currently valued at approximately 1.5 trillion US dollars and is set to experience an estimated annual growth of 10 percent annually.

Ms. Wang traveled to North America to highlight how consumers’ understanding and values around wellness have changed, and how brands can address and fulfill these needs using Access’ platform VTN. The premium platform has achieved success in the Asian market serving over 10 million Chinese premium consumers worldwide. Inspired by the platform’s success overseas, Access is gearing up to launch VTN in the North American market. The platform links members with carefully curated high-end wellness and beauty products offering trusted wellness and beauty solutions. Studies show that now more than ever consumers are investing in their wellbeing, both individually and at a societal level. To meet these needs VTN has adopted a holistic approach that promotes well-being both physically and mentally for the consumer.

While in the United States Ms. Wang met with iconic press publications in New York City such as Allure, The Today Show, and PopSugar to share her insight and showcase the innovative brands that form part of the Access family. Bringing American media a glimpse of cutting-edge brands such as Minenssey, a skincare brand that not only harnesses the power of nature and the alchemy of science but has grown exponentially since partnering with Access. Ms. Wang shares “From marine collagens to nutraceuticals, green coffee to high-grade honey, and natural sunscreen to top tier wines, I try to find opportunities that push the organisation forward, inspiring others to challenge the status quo.”

As a thought-leader in the space, Access partners with only the most innovative brands and employs the latest data, scientific research, and industry trends to bring high-quality brands to market at a global scale, adopting a holistic approach that embraces brand development, marketing, and distribution. As the Co-Founder, Ms. Wang represents brands she sees as the trendsetters of our generation, as evident in her work bringing scientifically formulated ingestible beauty supplements, such as Vida Glow, and cellular level anti-aging products like SRW, to the US Market. Ms. Wang shares “We are meticulous in our selection of premium brands we choose to partner with across the exclusive VTN platform. Each product must adhere to stringent section guidelines, which ensure consumers are receiving the highest quality ingredients, supported by cutting-edge research and technology.”

During the trip, Livia shared Access’ latest strategies with its distributors in Vancouver and Los Angeles. Access is now striving to discover ‘The Origins of Wellness’ by partnering with premium brands that help support everyday better Life.

Access is a brand management company founded in 2017 by Ms. Wang and her three partners, which functions to connect global wellness and beauty trends with millions of global consumers. “At Access, we strive to bring high-quality brands to market at a global scale, employing a holistic approach that embraces brand development, marketing, and distribution,” says Ms. Wang.  The company currently brings brands from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia to more than 12 million consumers globally and is quickly expanding into the North American market. VTN looks to continue offering high-quality services and a premium collection of beauty and wellness products to consumers around the globe, through a unique lens that combines the eastern and western perspectives. As they evolve with their consumers VTN is well placed to meet the market’s growing needs.