What are the Best Products for Dry Skin?

Dry skin can happen if your skin is not hydrated enough. But don’t worry; dry skin is normal and can happen to anyone at any age. You’re likely to get it if you are exposed to hot and cold weather, take long, hot showers, and use harsh soaps and detergents. The trick to prevent and treat uncomfortable, dry skin is to implement a few simple lifestyle changes, including religiously applying the mighty moisturiser day and night. Trust us – your skin will thank you for it!


Don’t let dry skin stop you from getting that flawless, healthy and glowing complexion. We’ve handpicked the best brands and products we could find for you to try and say goodbye to dry skin.

Our Handpicked Products That You’ll Surely Love

Moisturisers come in many forms. From moisturisers that you can directly lather on your skin to trendy face masks and ingestible treatments, there’s always a great moisturiser to discover and try.

Hunter Lab Lipid Vitamin Face Oil

Made by natural skincare brand Hunter Lab, the Lipid Vitamin Face Oil brings a powerful punch to fight fine lines and deeply hydrate and brighten skin. Thanks to its 19 super oils and extracts rich in potent antioxidants and vitamins, it reduces skin aging, provides intense moisture, stimulates collagen production, and more. Among the powerful ingredients are Bladderwrack extract, Rosehip Oil, Kakadu Plum Seed Oil, Myrrh Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil.


If these benefits are not enough to convince you, a trial run was also done by Hunter Lab and Beauty Heaven, utilising a trial team to test the Lipid Vitamin Face Oil. Forty women used it for eight days in a row, and all of the participants said their skin appeared and felt more hydrated and luminous after eight days of use.


Savar Instant Boost Multi Toner

An underrated and often overlooked step of a skincare routine, you’d be hard pressed to find more benefits packed into a single spray like Savar’s Instant Boost Multi Toner. With just one spritz, you can brighten your skin, refine pores, and, of course, pack is full of hydrating nutrients like aloe barbadensis leaf juice, hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract and glycerin.


Close your eyes and spray this natural toner over your face and body, no matter the time of day. The formula is also enriched with New Zealand marshmallow for hydrating and soothing properties, and organic white tea, which works to soothe any irritation from weather or fabrics.


Vida Glow Hyaluronic Complex – Acai Berry

Do you have naturally dry skin? Always experience irritation due to seasonal changes? Or experience periods of dehydration? If these tick all the boxes in your list, an excellent product for you is the Vida Glow’s Hyaluronic Complex – Acai Berry.


This ingestible treatment was created to give you that surge of hydration you need. It incorporates 100 mg of low-weight hyaluronic acid and other powerful ingredients such as Gotu Kola herb, biotin, zinc and Vitamin C. It enhances skin moisture levels and fights water loss while softening skin texture, calming skin irritation and soothing dry skin types. The product and the wonders that it works on skin were even recently featured in Marie Claire Australia!


Minenssey Clay Masks

There’s nothing that screams pampering like a quality mask. Minenssey has a range of incredible clay masks, coming with a little brush for easy application. Simply apply it to your face, wait around half an hour, and rinse off with warm water. You’ll notice that your skin feels more smooth and supple instantly.


Minenssey’s Hydrating Clay Masks are created with powerful Australian botanicals, all aimed to calm and nourish dull or dry skin. Including ingredients like rosella flower, flannel flower and white clay, this mask will leave your complexion radiant and glowing. To top it off, you can even apply it to your hair if it, too, is feeling a little dry!


Your Skin Also Deserves a Break

Flawless. Healthy. Glowing. These three words are perfect to describe great and well-cared-for skin. The simplest way of achieving great skin is following a consistent routine. After a long, tiring day or during a moment of relaxation, our skin also wants to be pampered to stay beautiful, hydrated and radiant. Listen to your skin. If you see symptoms of dry skin, it’s time to look at your skincare arsenal and see what you’re missing. However, if symptoms persist, it’s best to consult a doctor because there might be an underlying health condition causing it.


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