Vida Glow Shines at David Jones’ Beauty Awards 2020​

Vida Glow, an ingestible beauty brand, was recently recognised at this year’s JONES Beauty Awards, taking home the prize for “Best in Inner Health” for their Anti-G-Ox Antioxidant Powder. Available at David Jones department stores around the country, the Australia-based brand has consistently been acclaimed for their distinctive, scientifically backed formulas for radiant hair, skin, and nails.

Started by David Jones in 2018, the JONES Beauty Awards recognise the very best health and beauty products offered in their stores, as voted by consumers and a panel of distinguished judges. This year, the panel included several hair stylists and makeup artists, in addition to members of the David Jones executive team. Also winning the same award for its Blueberry Marine Collagen in 2019, Vida Glow continued its ongoing prominence, finding itself in the company of other celebrated brands this year such as Chanel, L’Occitane and Sisley.

Vida Glow was launched in 2014, offering a range of pure and effective formulations that expand a one-dimensional view of beauty. Their product range now includes skincare, serums, collagen powders and energy drinks. Championing inner health for a visible outer glow, Vida Glow has earned a well-deserved reputation for their quality and proven results. Vida Glow’s Anti-G-Ox is nature’s most innovative, age-defying solution, combining several rich ingredients such as Vitamin E, Kakadu Plum, chromium, and biotin to visibly slow down signs of aging on a cellular level. The unique formula works to create a natural defence system against age accelerators, regenerating damaged tissue for a brighter looking complexion.

“The prestigious JONES Beauty Award is a testament to the efficacy of Vida Glow,” commented Livia Wang, Chief Brand Officer of Access Corporate Group. “Access has grown Vida Glow to be one of the top performing brands, its achievements fuel our commitment to incubating and developing more premium brands for our 10 million consumers across the globe.”



With a history that dates back to 1979, Melrose was established by chemist Geoff Steinicke after he wondered if healthier food and products could be used as a preventative to illness. Thus, Melrose’s mission was born, and ‘eat your way to health’ served as the cornerstone of their offering, with a product range that now includes vitamins, herbal shampoos, oils and powders.

While the brand grew to relative popularity in Australia, being the first company to bring fish oil capsules, flaxseed oil and MCT oil into the Australian market, the brand noticed that they were having difficulty engaging with an overseas audience and communicating its distinctive positioning. Melrose approached Access in 2017, hoping to tap into their Chinese market knowledge and local insights.

Working alongside the Melrose team, we first set about creating a unique partnership between the two parties, complementing each other’s skills to work towards a successful Chinese launch. We carefully selected and engaged several highly respected Key Opinion Consumers from the Access network who introduced the Melrose story across social, print and television channels, highlighting the benefits and effectiveness of Melrose’s healthy and naturally derived ingredients.

By highlighting the brand’s proven history and innovation, the overseas market responded overwhelmingly positively. Melrose’s network expanded quickly, and it is now stocked in nearly 400 offline stores, and sold in more than 20 countries, while the total GMV for Melrose grew 271% between the years of 2018 and 2019.


“Access is a company with great insights into the Chinese consumer market They are highly professional experts that offered a one-stop solution for our company. I recommend them to anyone who seeks global expansion.”

- Russell Parker, CEO, Melrose.

2: Partnership

From the moment a brand is acquired, we work tirelessly with the team to ensure that the essence of the brand is preserved, then amplified. Enhancing the brand’s unique positioning, we improve its quality and relevance based on customer insights and feedback, which, in turn, optimises their sales and distribution.

For example, Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics was acquired by Access Corporate Group in April 2019 and chose to retain the unique Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy which offers professional makeup training to up-and-coming artists, while at the same time actively helping the brand expand into new sales channels. This strategy has paid off, with these new sales channels now accounting for 35% of overall sales.